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Ways to Prepare Children for Back to School

After a fun summer spent in the swimming pool and sleeping in on lazy days, it can often be a difficult transition for children when they head back to the classroom. Children can have a lack of motivation to get back to school and work hard on their studies. Here are a few important steps to take when you want to help a child prepare for the coming school year: 1. Purchase Supplies Make it a point to spend time shopping for supplies to get children excited about the first day. Choose a backpack that features their favorite cartoon or superhero, along with clothing that they'll look forward to wearing. With a new bag, pencil box, and writing utensils,

August 1st, 2017|

How Early Childhood Reading Helps Prepare Kids For School

We all want the children in our society to succeed and grow in their knowledge. One of the most important ways to facilitate this eventual success is to encourage these children to read. More and more research has shown how crucial early childhood reading and literacy is to both a child's academic career and to their achievements in life in general. Children learn at a significantly faster pace during the first six years of their lives than they do during any other time; this part of childhood must be taken advantage of to ensure that a child is able to learn as much as possible. Reading with children helps to develop their brains and strengthen their neurological connections, helping

July 26th, 2017|

4 Reasons Dads Should Read to (and with) Their Child

Ask anyone if it’s important to read to children, and most would say yes. If you ask them why, they may not know. Reading to (and with) your children is time well-spent and that in itself is precious, but reading to your children has so many more great benefits beyond simply spending valuable time together. Here are 4 great reasons dads should read to (and with) their children. Reading with your child prepares them for future success.
Research shows that reading aloud with your child will prepare them for learning and facilitate success in his/her future reading. If your child starts his/her school experience with some knowledge about books and an interest in reading, it will be to his/her advantage.

June 20th, 2017|