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Scope of Responsibilities

Builds and maintains effective relationship between school and district personnel, children, and faith-based and community partners.

Responsibilities Include

  • Coordinates On-Campus Training with
    • Teachers
    • Literacy Partners/Children
    • Front Office Staff, Librarians
  • Takes an active role in sharing information with
    • Principal
    • Teachers
    • Other school personnel as appropriate
  • Creates and assigns Literacy Partners with Literacy Partner Coordinator
    • Days/Times
    • Grade levels
    • Children
  • Communicates with Literacy Partner Coordinator
    • Schedule Conflicts/Adjustment
    • Provides success stories
    • Provides pictures and/or video (as needed)
    • School happenings (Fall Fest, Book Fair, teacher appreciation day, field trips, testing protocol, etc…)
  • Participate in regular meetings with Literacy Partner Coordinator

Other Opportunities

Literacy Partner Coordinator

Literacy Partner & Mentor