Did you know that you can help our Austin community thrive by the simple act of volunteering to read to a child 30 minutes a week?
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Our Story

Ten years ago, the church community asked city leaders what we could do to make a lasting impact in our city. The answer was simple: help children fight illiteracy and decrease school dropout rates. Hence, Education Connection was created.  In the 2019-20 school year, more than 1,160 volunteers are currently serving at least 2,535 children in 11 school districts across Central Texas, by sitting with elementary children each week for 30 minutes to read one-on-one. With the program growing rapidly and with more children in need of extra support, there’s a place for you to make a difference in a child’s education and life.

With over 200 elementary schools located in the Greater Austin area, the need to reach every child is tremendous. As a faith-based community, we have an opportunity to partner a church with each school, reading to children one-on-one, while supporting educators as they help children to learn and grow. So far, 185+ churches, community organizations, and school partnerships have started in the Greater Austin area with hundreds of Literacy Partners and Mentors impacting the lives of children.

We are excited to share that since this video was filmed, Education Connection has expanded our school partnerships.

Additionally, we have also increased our partnerships with business, organizations and churches as well.

About Us

Average Minutes Read per Week

Education Connection
is a program of
Christ Together Greater Austin,
specifically under “acts of service”

Our Guiding Principles

Please note, while this is an effort that arose from Christian churches, it is not at all about proselytizing.

Volunteers understand and are trained in how to be community servants and not to bring religious beliefs into the schools.

Our Board and Staff

Joe Bland, Chairman

Rachel Kubicki Collins, Co-Vice President of Development

Pastor Larry Coulter, Vice President of Finance & Governance

Scott Crossett, Co-Vice President of Development

Amy Hagen, Executive Director

Dr. Daryl Horton, Christ Together Greater Austin-Chairman, Education Connection Pastor Liaison

Mel Jones, Co-Vice President of Marketing & Events

Pete Inman, Board Member

Kerrie Miksch, Vice President

Pastor Herb Moffett Jr., Board Member

Teri Waters, Secretary

Darla Wegner, Board Member

Shannon Eakin, Admin